Safety on Campus

Stingerette Route
The Stingerette Escort Service provides safe, after hours transportation for Georgia Tech students, faculty, and staff, and is intended for use when safe, alternative travel is not available. This service is limited to transportation between Georgia Tech operated living accommodations, academic buildings, and Georgia Tech facilities situated within the defined campus boundaries. .

Please telephone 404-385-RIDE (5-7433) to coordinate Stingerette Escort Service, and provide the dispatcher with the following information:
number of people needing an escort, current building location, destination address.

The dispatcher will advise you of the pick-up location for that building as well as the approximate arrival time of the Stingerette van. Van drivers are instructed to wait two (2) minutes only at any pick-up point. * Please await the van, in obvious sight of the driver, at the pickup location.

LiveSafe was selected by Georgia Tech students as a safety tool and is used on college campuses all over the United States. The application allows for location sharing with the Georgia Tech Police Department (GTPD) in an emergency and utilizes SafeWalkTM so friends and family can electronically "follow you home".

Download "LifeSafe" from the App Store or Google Play (be sure to enable location services and push notifications when prompted). Sign up using your Georgia Tech email address and create a password. Search for "Georgia Tech" to connect with the organization and add your mobile phone number to your profile (Left Menu>Settings>Profile).